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For Riches and Glory!

Join an active and friendly Wormhole Corp where the only blues are our high sec static

Content is a plenty!

We have very active player participation and organise regular OP's. If you're a new or returning player who would like to explore uncharted wormhole space, experience exciting wormhole PVP or simply looking for a laid-back and relaxed community, you will feel right at home with [DKVC]



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The beauty of wormhole living is that we fly all over NEW EDEN.

We've racked up kills across


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We provide all the necessary tools for you to be a contributing and effective member of the corp.

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The types of content we do for the pew

Pochven Fleets

Do a lap around the Red Triangle with the boys and girls in search of people asking for their day to be ruined

Nullsec Roams

Poke the big bears of the null sec regions. Make bets on how many wrecks you can score before the heat melts the structural integrity of your ship

ESS Robberies

If all else fails, steal money from the blocs. Watch them scramble to try and stop us

Subcap Drops

Bait unsuspecting invaders into thinking they can score easy kills. Then drop the hammer. You can be the bait, or the hammer.

Black Ops

Join a group who likes to teleport big guns on people who think they've got the upper hand. No skill required!

Structure Bashes

Wormholes are simple: you either fight, or you die and we take your stuff

We offer partial SRP on PVP losses / Full SRP on Logistics PVP losses

We want you to feel comfortable getting out there and getting involved, especially if you’re new!

Join the Gators today!

90% reduction in ship spinning, guaranteed

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